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it is really dry and now we are in a drought watch. new details on five big stories tonight.
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>> muslims to not want us to burn the karan. >> a. pastor may reconsider. another driver is charged at metroaccess. d.c. is drying up. the must see forecast with potential long-term problems. ita few potential bombshells targeting britney spears. captioned by the national captioning institute breaking news from outside san francisco, where a large explosion has much of an entire neighborhood on fire. officials say some sort of explosion caused the fire near interstate 280 and 380 in the bay area. the faa says an airplane is not responsible. closer to home, the deal may
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be off with the florida preacher stopping short of canceling plans to burn hundreds of copies of the koran on the 9/11 anniversary. >> pastor terry smith is suspending the event for now but may reconsider. in return, he says he was promised the controversy all islamic center near ground zero will be moved. muslim leaders say that is not the case. jay korff has the story. >> caroline, defense secretary robert gates personally called pastor terry jones to urge him to not go forward with the koran burning protest. the pastor said he will not, maybe. the near deafening worldwide call for pastor terry jones to stop his planned karan burning saturday has been stopped for now. >> we have agreed to cancel our
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event on saturday. >> earlier in the day, the florida pastor agreed to rein in his protest. local muslims we spoke with expressed their relief. >> it is good he changed his mind. >> jones says he stopped the book burning protest in exchange for a deal to move the proposed islamic center and moscow away from ground zero. but the project leader says no such deal has been made and expressed reservations about relocating. >> my major concern in moving ait is that the deadline and the muslim world is is lomb is under attack in america,, -- is that islam is under attack in america. >> tonight, the florida muslim leader who has worked for days to convince pastor jones to call off his protest admitted the only thing that was agreed upon was that he and jones would meet in new york on saturday witto
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discuss the matter. >> neither of us spoke with him directly and he has not made a commitment to move it. >> pastor jones is concerned that he may have been misled and said the protest has been suspended, not cancelled. >> as of now, we have put a temporary hold on our planned event. minds far as pastor jones' set, he said he concluded that if the proposed mosque site near ground zero was moved that would be a sign from god for him to not go forward with the car ran burning protest. we will see how this develops. -- with the koran burning protest. jay korff, abc 7 news. real-estate mogul donald trump offer to purchase an investor's stake in the proposed mosque for 25% more than the original price to end the
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divisive situation. the lawyer for the investor turned him down. a safety alert for metro access riders. metro access driver has been arrested for sexually assaulting a customer. >> montgomery county man, singleton skin, is behind bars. john gonzalez has the latest in this series of attacks. at this time, the police say the driver picked up the disabled customer from her home in silver spring and drove her to a nearby clinic, where she volunteers. before she got off of bus, the driver allegedly assaulted her, and it is not the first time a driver in montgomery county was arrested for the same crime. another metro access bus driver has been arrested for sexual assaults, the fourth driver this year. >> we don't want to have to worry about people coming at us and a sexual way.
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>> she says she has been harassed by drivers on more than one occasion. >> words that were not appropriate. >> metro police arrested samuel kinston at his gaithersburg home earlier this week. >> he inappropriately touched her body. >> he works for a subcontractor of the main company that they use to provide door-to-door service for the disabled, the same company that has been in trouble with drivers this year. >> he seemed like a nice guy. i say hello to him all the time. >> in july, and metro access driver at the chilly reaped -- allegedly raped a woman. he fled the country. two drivers were also fired amid allegations. >> they need better screening. >> metro says they will take steps to assure the safety of passengers by outlining
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inappropriate driver behavior, in more detail driver training on safety and security, and better education on interaction with customers. kinston was contract at about a year ago, no prior criminal record, and he passed a throw background check. tonight he has been charged with third- and fourth degree sex offenses and second-degree assault. live from montgomery county, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. we are monitoring a developing story from southern california, where a federal judge declared the u.s. military ban on openly gay service members as unconstitutional, effectively stopping the governments don't ask, don't tell policy. the justice department said the issue should be decided by congress. president obama says he will work to repeal the policy. the coast guard has released new video of the plane crash
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that killed former alaska senator ted stevens along with a montgomery county man and three others which shows three of the four survivors being loaded into an airplane. it is the only known video taken after the airplane went down. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. a recent dry spell has raised concerns about crop like conditions. there has been a drought watch issued for the entire region, asking people to conserve water. at this point, there are no mandatory restrictions, but we will keep an eye on the situation. bob ryan has more on the dry conditions. what is the immediate outlook? >> nothing dramatically changing. by saturday night, sunday, the next chance of any rain, light at that. not only are we under drought conditions, but especially on the panhandle of west for janet, it is getting to it -- west
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virginia, it is getting too extreme drought. around washington remains dry. in the record books in the belfort furniture weather center, we have gone 18 days in a row with no rain. but in the last nine, 10 years, that is not exceptional. back in 2007, 34 days in a row without rain. we will continue a few more days. we may have an unusual morning, something that has not happened since way back in may. coming up, apple and the battle over apps. why the company is restricting access to certain products. >> and we update the breaking news, the southern california neighborhood on fire.
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five days before the d.c. primary, and new details on abc
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7 news investigation. >> at least one d.c. residents said a campaign staffer for mayor adrian fenty offered a job for his vote and backed off the deal. now his chief opponent is calling for a federal investigation. vincent gray called for investigation, not just by the d.c. board of elections and ethics but by the fbi. >> we have asked for an investigation into the allegations that someone offered a job in return for their votes that came out yesterday, on the heels of allegations about vote buying. >> abc 7 reporter wednesday that the campaign allegedly offered one voter a job in exchange for his vote. it is a charge that mayor fenty emphatically denies. >> this is in on specific allegation. nobody has given any name of anyone who did this. >> rudolph williams only remembers the campaign workers
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name was john, but he has a recording of what the campaign told him when he called to find out about the job he says he was promised. >> the fenty campaign manager calls it nothing more than a misunderstanding. >> i think this is probably a misunderstanding of the person making the telephone call. >> he said all campaign staffers must sign a code of conduct agreement and never met an agreement like the one alleged. new rules if you want and i had or iphone. why apple is limiting access to some applications. >> breaking news tonight, a neighborhood on fire. two hopkins students it shot allegedly by a rigid structure of betchley by a drunk driver last night continue to fight for their lives. -- they we
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updating the breaking news, at least one dozen homes have
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been destroyed by a massive fire ripped through a northern california neighborhood in san bruno, near san francisco. witnesses report hearing a loud explosion before the fire erupted. we're learning there was a fireball that went at least 1,000 feet into the air. utility officials are looking at the possibility of a natural gas explosion. the faa says they have no record of any airplane crashes there. at least one dozen homes have been destroyed. no word on injuries, but we're told hospitals are on alert. we will update that as it develops. we have new insight, two college students apparently hurt in a drunk driving accident. >> a car slammed into a restaurant near 18th street and
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florida avenue nw. the women are fighting for their lives. >> the within -- the women are students at johns hopkins university and everyone on this small campus is very upset. tonight, students on the campus of the john hopkins school of international study went quietly about their business, their minds consumed about concerns about their classmates in this terrible accident two blocks away. >> they literally just started classes a few weeks ago. >> the police said the woman from austria and another woman from france were both struck by a car that jumped the median at 18th and florida avenue. the car crashed into this restaurant. >> the building they can fix, but i hope the girls are ok. >> the police arrested the driver, from mitchellville.
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court documents say her blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit. she appeared in court today for the first time. students at the small johns hopkins campus would not talk to us because most said they were too upset. >> we have an outpouring of concern. they are wonderful people and we wish the best for them. >> the latest information on their conditions, melissa is listed in critical condition at a local hospital, and juliet is listed in grave condition. -- and julia is listed in grave condition. horace holmes, abc 7 news. new problems for britney spears. performer bodyguard is suing her, -- her former bodyguard is suing her, saying that she repeatedly exposed herself to him. spears says investigators have
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looked into the accusations and closed the case. kevin federline says he believes the lawsuit is financially motivated. apple has come forward with guidelines for applications. it's as it will block applications that don't do something useful or provide lasting entertainment. the company says it does not need any more apps that let off embarrassing sounds for pranksters. crab gas does not know that it is in a drought. outside tonight, a delightful day. great day for sailing with northwesterly wind it. the temperatures, overnight tonight, maybe below 60 degrees. the last time we were below 60 ago.shington, 111 days
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that is the kind of summer we have had. maybe tonight, and the suburbs will be below their. tapping into the weatherbug stations, 61 degrees damascus. tomorrow morning, probably low 50's. parts of prince george's county, mid 50's, cool crisp morning. alexandria, washington, 59, maybe it below 60 degrees. doppler? we have not looked at that for a while. cobwebs on doppler because nothing is going on. in the tropics, tropical storm depression, igor, a long way away. most of the tropics clear, but that will bear some watching. meantime, today, the high temperature, low 80's. hot and humid in the gulf states, in the 90's.
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new orleans, 80 degrees. the dry air, nice and low humidity, but do point in the 40's. some spots, shenandoah valley, the panhandle of west virginia may have 48, 49 degrees in the morning. unfortunately, this storm will be moving with a little bit of moisture coming our way late saturday, early sunday. i don't think it will interfere with the game at all if you are heading out. it will be good weather for football. in the morning, sunrise getting later and later, 6:45, cooler morning, lots of sunshine, delightful afternoon with middle to high seventies. a little bit below average. the average height is 80 degrees. chance of late saturday night, early sunday morning showers. anything would be light, certainly not a drought breaker.
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"nightline" will have the latest on the breaking news, the explosion
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >> the cowboys are the odds on favorites sunday, but the redskins are away lot of confidence, the game marking clinton portis' returned to action. his critics claim he does not have much left, his best is behind him, but no. 26 has lots to prove. >> i just want to go out and play my game. i feel good and i think i know what i am capable of doing. i think the world knows what i am capable of doing. i have to find a way to lead this team to victory. it was reported tonight tom britney has reached a new agreement with new england -- tom brady has reached a new agreement with new england that will take him through 2014. on his way to work, he was in a
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car accident with a minivan that ran a red light, the minivan did. the driver of the minivan has had his license revoked. brady was ok and made it to practice. nobody was seriously hurt. >> i sat next to him and the ambulance. i did not know it was tom brady. >> you didn't know? >> no! he didn't have his shirt on or his helmet. tennis fans, the u.s. open showcasing the no. 1 seed, nadal, cruising to an easy victory. love the athleticism. he hits this with his back to the net. looks like bob ryan. then nadal with a spin move of his own. nadal with the match. i would love to see nadal and federeer again.
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tiger woods and 41st place, around one of the b.m.w. championship. incredible shot, behind the tree, avoids the branches, gets the ball on the green, finishing two under. at the world basketball championships, kevin durant led the united states over russia, but russell westbrook with the plight of the day. odom saves it, back to westbrook, the one-hand it jammed. the u.s. is two wins away from winning their first world championship since 1994. and the nationals and orioles had the night off. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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from san francisco, this neighborhood is on fire. the local fire chief says they believe a gas line exploded and that is what caused the inferno that is still burning. more on this on good morning that is still burning. more on this on good morning washington.
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